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Alcides Escobar's Ex-Wife Leury Moreno

Written By bạn khỏe on Wednesday, October 15, 2014 | 7:31 PM

Alcides Escobar's ex-wife Leury Moreno is not a fan of Alcides Escobar. This one's a bit of a drag. I mean, there's baby mama drama and then there's this. Anyway, we'll just tell you what Leury Moreno has told the media and reported about Alcides herself.
Alcides' ex-wife married him in 2008, and shortly thereafter she became pregnant. Alcides went to Venezuela and left Leury in Panama while he played winter baseball. She couldn't go and visit him for VISA reasons, and when she called him, Alcides allegedly handed his phone to his new lover, who proceeded to berate her. This lover was also allegedly paid for her time, if you catch my drift. The story continues that Alcides then told Leury that he only married her for a green card, and that she was too fat to be with during and after the pregnancy.
Leury immediately took to the media and internet to tell everyone what she thought of Alcides. Here's a snippet:
"He doesn't care about his daughter either. He sends he a misery of 700 bucks a months since june 2009 when i got the divorce dismissed in alabama cause he is trying to divorce me in places with child support salary caps. Since then Ive gotten 700 bucks for Gabriela who was born on Dec 11, 2008. BTW we never discussed child support in court."
Alcides' ex-wife Leury says that Alcides has never once called his daughter since she's been born, and he only saw her coincidentally after he tricked Leury into coming to Tennessee so he could serve her divorce papers. Deadspin reported years back that Leury was trying to start a movement called "Stop MLB Deadbeat Dads." I think I get the jist of it. All Alcides' former Venezuelan PR agent had to say was that he pays child support (apparently $700 per month because he managed to get a divorce with a salary cap in Alabama). It would not be a stretch to say that Leury agrees with ESPN writer Keith Law when he said in his book that Alcides has "serious personal issues."

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