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Justin Brent's Girlfriend Lisa Ann

Written By kiemtienweb on Sunday, October 26, 2014 | 8:07 AM

Justin Brent's girlfriend Lisa Ann is a pornographic film, and apparently she is an actress of the first stripe. She is reported to be the most popular porn star in the world, as a matter of fact. Now, Justin is a freshman at Notre Dame, which means he is no more than 18 years old. Lisa Ann is a senior at the University of Vivid Entertainment, and she is 42 years of age. The Cougar has pounced, folks.
You can get a sense for Lisa's love of football from her Twitter and Instagram feeds. She is a big Eagles fan, as she was born in Easton, Pennsylvania, and she goes to football games every now and again. She also plays a good deal of fantasy football, and she's quite serious about it judging from her constant updates on Twitter. As a matter of fact, Lisa is a big sports fan in general. She's got a signed Michael Jordan basketball that was given to her as a gift by some dude on the SWAT team in Miami. I'm guessing he was hot for teacher. Well, Justin Brent can now say that Lisa Ann is his girlfriend, and no signed basketball was necessary since she approached him. TMZ reported they were both traveling, and she gave him her number.
Man, how weird would it be if Justin decided to marry his girlfriend Lisa? Lisa is most famous for acting in a porno flick called Who's Nailin' Paylin?. In the movie, Lisa is apparently a dead ringer for a sexed-up Sarah Palin, and she gets it on with other powerful political figures played by other porn actresses. The film was a big success, and subsequent sequels followed. Interestingly, way back before Lisa became a porn actress, she was on the Howard Stern show as a "Snapple Girl" on Stern's channel 9 show. A Snapple Girl was basically just a girl holding Snapple bottles as a sponsor for the show. Lisa appears to have a much larger nose in the YouTube clip I found, but let's not get all Rene Zelweggery about that. Little did anyone know she'd soon be able to professionally hold more than just a Snapple bottle.

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