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Rami and girl friend Sidonie Biemont

Written By kiemtienweb on Sunday, February 28, 2016 | 5:49 AM

But not womanizing playboy, Rami fallin Sidonie model BIEMONT 5 years ago and until now, he still embodies romantic love with this beautiful girl every day.

According to Sport, Adil and Sidonie are living the best days of his love when Sidonie perfecting the skills of one dancer and can start a new job. On the personal pages, midfielder who plays for Sevilla constantly sending picture messages ... heart for his lover.

In the past, Adil and Sidonie has gone through one crisis quite serious when Adil was speculation "eat clumsy" to 1 "showgirl" in Milan. However, with faith for each other, the two have overcome this rumor is quite simple.

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