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Lindsey Horan’s Boyfriend Is Not Her Brother

Written By bạn khỏe on Friday, December 30, 2016 | 5:24 AM

Lindsey Horan’s boyfriend is her brother. On Christmas, she posted a picture with her brother Mike that said “Merry Kissmas.” Therefore, a lot of people definitely thought Mike was her boyfriend. It’s a natural mistake to make. The funniest part is that a lot of her actual friends make the joke that her brother is dating her. They say things like “Mike and Lindsey sitting in a tree…” when they see pictures of him giving her a piggy-back ride on a hike. It’s nice to get along with siblings.
Lindsey Horan’s boyfriend is a young and spry gentleman who’s been with her for what I estimate to be about two years. There seems to be no evidence of him on her social media feed before two years ago. Lindsey Horan’s boyfriend has been a supportive guy. She remarked that she was very happy to have him help her through an injury last year. Any time you’ve got a caring significant other when you’re a professional athlete and you’re injured, you can count your blessings. Support systems are crucial for team athletes because the spots they take are in short demand and are competitive.
These guys live in Colorado since Lindsey is from there.  It’s very difficult to maintain relationships as a professional soccer player because sometimes you have to travel to Europe to play on the good teams. This is what happened with Lindsey. I don’t know she kept things going with her boyfriend when she played on Paris Saint-Germain.  That is a seriously long distance relationship. I’m sure that the money helps, but that only does so much.
I’ve always wondered how people manage long distance relationships. I’ve never cared much for talking on the phone myself. Nothing to do with people in general, but the physical act of speaking on the telephone just gets old quickly. I suppose in a long distance relationship, you cannot have such issues.

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