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Sebastian Giovinco’s Girlfriend Shari

Written By kiemtienweb on Thursday, December 29, 2016 | 5:22 AM

Sebastian Giovinco’s girlfriend Shari is a rare sighting. Back in August of 2015, he shared a picture of his wife and son, Jacopo. He shares far more pictures of Jacopo than he does of Shari. In fact, the only pictured he ever posted on social media of Shari was the one from 2015. It was a family event at a restaurant. The family ate macaroons and a ton of other Italian food. Shari and Jacopo frequently hang out in Toronto because that’s his official football club. They live in a high-rise in the middle of Toronto during the season. I don’t know whether they move back to Italy after the season is over but they probably visit the country often.
Sebastian takes Shari to Raptors games occasionally. Sebastian Giovinco’s girlfriend lives in a very cosmopolitan city, so there are many activities to keep her busy. Of course, their three year-old child is the biggest activity. They both spend a lot of time with him and watch movies in the apartment. To live in a high-rise is a different lifestyle than most pro athletes with kids. Generally, they choose to live outside of their sports city in a house with a yard. You do get some pretty intense views of the Toronto skyline from where they live, though.
In May, the couple celebrated their son’s third birthday. The cake Sebastian Giovinco’s girlfriend made was loaded with frosting. I am not positive she actually made it, but it didn’t look entirely professional so I think she did. Regardless of the craftsmanship of the cake, their son smiled a lot and blew out his candle. The family walk around the city on Sebastian’s days off, and it’s probably a good time in the city center. They need to go on more vacations to tropical places because Sebastian doesn’t share a lot of photos of those locales.
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