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Tosaint Ricketts’ Girlfriend Dariana Shai

Written By kiemtienweb on Thursday, December 29, 2016 | 5:23 AM

Tosaint Ricketts’ girlfriend Dariana Shai spends significant time writing in her blog. It’s full of cliches and bad grammar. Much of the writing is meant to be uplifting and life-affirming (like everything else written by millennials with nothing to do). Unfortunately, she never says anything interesting. Her writing maintains a self-obsessed ideology centered around fame and the absurd idea that we are all special. She makes my eyes glaze over with her blog. Here’s an example (bad grammar and all): “Well buddy you gonna start the journey of your life. I’m not gonna lie you will encounter some holes in your road but this makes it more exciting…Never stop believing in your ‘movie’ and who knows maybe you will win an Oscar.” She really buys into the merging of movies and life. Fantasy meets reality in Dariana’s world.
The whole post revolved around how important it is to know yourself, and yet she writes like someone with no actual wisdom at all. It’s an echo-chamber of bad Ted Talks and pharmaceutical commercials. Tosaint Ricketts’ girlfriend traveled to Israel and Turkey in 2016 so she took some solid photos for social media. She is a decent photographer because she looks for good compositions. She uses a lot of effects to manipulate colors. Dariana went to Israel more than once in 2016 because her last trip was to Masada and the one before it was to Haifah. In between trips, she walks around Toronto and takes trips to Montreal.
She included photographs of the Dead Sea in her social media account. Tosaint Ricketts’ girlfriend certainly sees herself as a world traveler and explorer since she goes to a lot of cool places. In May of 2013, Dariana traveled to Norway. Again, in 2013 she traveled to Turkey, and she probably has family there. Therefore, Dariana knows Turkish culture well. While she visited Oslo, she captured a shot of a 19th Century ship. After that, she took a brief trip to Lake Louise, Alberta and posed in front of some mountains. Since she imagines her life is a movie, it must consist many scenes where she stands in front of photogenic places in the Mediterranean.
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