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Blinded by black society, Bale postponed the wedding day

Written By kiemtienweb on Monday, May 1, 2017 | 8:22 PM

Gareth Bale has delayed his wedding with his longtime girlfriend, Emma Rhys-Jones, from The Sun.
According to plan, Bale will hold a wedding feast this summer to welcome girlfriend Emma Rhys-Jones on ... palace. The list of guests was completed by Real Madrid superstar and beautiful Emma Rhys-Jones.
However, according to The Sun, both Emma Rhys-Jones and Bale have decided to postpone their wedding.

Emma Rhys-Jones and Bale had to postpone their happy day because the Emma Rhys-Jones family was being threatened by a notorious black gang in Wales.

The number one Epiphany Dring, the aunt of Emma Rhys-Jones, disappeared in September with a pack of money and drugs worth up to £ 1 million from a notorious black gang of Welsh .

The Epiphany Dring took away the same amount of money and money that has caused her family including Gareth Bale's fiancée's family to be mentally disturbed (burning car, threatening to kill ...) during the past time. .

Not only in Wales but in Madrid, where Gareth Bale lives with Emma Rhys-Jones, Real has hired an elite bodyguard to protect his family and loved ones. The situation has subsided, but the threats to the Gareth Bale family are still present and potentially dangerous.

Bale and his girlfriend gave birth to his two children, decided to postpone the wedding.

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