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"CR7's Wife" constantly wearing tiny bikini, sexy Georgina Rodriguez

Written By kiemtienweb on Friday, September 14, 2018 | 8:11 PM

Georgina Rodriguez is very close to CR7's eldest son
9x Georgina Rodriguez lives with CR7 and his own children have nearly 2 years. In November, 2017, she gave birth to her first daughter for the peach blossom but the couple has not announced the wedding ceremony. That is why netizens consider her a "wife of the CR7".

According to Instagram's Georgina Rodriguez, this time around, the couple are spending a lot of time together. Georgina is not busy taking care of children, while CR7 is also relaxed after the World Cup and training at the new club Juventus.
The first baby girl CR7 girlfriend - Georgina Rodriguez looks very slim

Before this information, CR7 extremely urgent, confirmed he and his girlfriend Mediaset offended, false news. He had asked his own lawyer to reclaim this case.

Georgina Rodriguez (born in 1995) was originally a dancer, then moved to modeling. Although not wedding ceremony, she is ready to give birth to many children CR7. After the affair with the celebrity, the couple always appear together as the picture with the ball and received many praise from the fans. Rodriguez's personal account also attracts more than 7.3 million followers. This is the basis to help Georgina "fish" by advertising on social networks.

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