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Kyle Walker Adultery, why Man City was killed Annie Kilner

Written By kiemtienweb on Saturday, May 11, 2019 | 7:41 PM

Dreaming Kyle Walker couldn't imagine the prospect of selling Laura Brown to this Man City defender's girlfriend.

Yesterday Kyle Walker was caught on the street with a brand new Mercedes V8 in front of a house that had just been rented for £ 8,000 a month in Salford, Gtr Manchester. Man City defender has just spent 90 thousand pounds to buy this supercar to start a "non-family" life.

Why does Kyle Walker have a large high-rise house and a beautiful wife and a wise child? According to The Sun, the 28-year-old British star has been kicked out of his 3.5 million-pound apartment by his girlfriend Annie Kilner, which has been home to two people for years.

Kyle Walker was kicked out of his house by deceiving his girlfriend, his girlfriend with a strange girl. After 8 years of living with Annie Kilner as husband and wife and having 3 children together, like many other men, former defender Tottenham was hungry for craving ... of strangers.

Kyle Walker has secretly interacted with model Laura Brown for 4 months. For a long time, the 28-year-old defender was cool to Annie Kilner, not as powerful as "hungry tiger prey" whenever he was close to the person who gave him 3 children.

Annie Kilner faintly noticed the sign of changing the heart of each one with her knees. However, because it was not able to catch the hand, taking it to the forehead, this model of 3 children had to suck in the sweet Sapindales.

Being crazy because she could not find evidence of an affair boyfriend, Annie Kilner suddenly received a clue from Laura Brown herself, who stole with Kyle Walker. Suffering from discovering that Kyle Walker cheated on her (lying to be a boyfriend), Laura Brown told everything to Annie Kilner and provided evidence (a series of scent messages and romantic images between the two) Show that she was eating with Man City defender.

Laura Brown revealed that she and Manchester City defender have been in a four-month relationship, "doing it" as a starter in this star's Bentley 4x4. The 200,000-pound car Kyle Walker once dived to promise only to take Annie Kilner ... to go around the world.

Immediately after the break-up, Annie Kilner had bloody Ho Ho Thu Thu, smashed the furniture, held a kyle walker and chased away the star of Man City star from home. Before evidences such as the day, the English defender had to leave the hotel to live temporarily before renting a private house in Salford

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