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George Kittle’s wife Claire Kittle

Written By kiemtienweb on Wednesday, June 3, 2020 | 11:23 PM

George Kittle’s wife Claire Kittle is an adored woman.  I mean, it’s something to behold really.  And, we mean that in a really positive way.  We’ve been covering the wives and girlfriends of professional athletes for 11 years now.  And while there are plenty of rock solid relationships out there, social media has made things complicated.  Sometimes overly complicated.  But, when it comes to George Kittle’s wife, he let’s there be absolutely zero doubt.

George Kittle loves his wife.

What do we mean when we talk about complicated social media?  Well, there are layers.  Many types of guys hand their social media accounts over to their business team; agents, managers, jobs for people in their crew, etc.  They have nothing to do with it, outside of attaching their name to it, and allowing the occasional picture.  Some social media accounts are super personal.  They provide insight like what they ate for dinner, or what little league team their kid plays for.  Those types of social media are just a little tone deaf.  While we certainly appreciate the insight to their daily lives, it’s no different than anyone’s friend who stays on Instagram or Facebook too much.   Some dudes strike enough of a balance between professional and personal, but you’ll note a distinct lack of mention of their dating life.  Why?  Because Instagram is far more reliable and consistent for hooking up than Tinder.
But, when it comes to George Kittle, the perfect balance is struck.  Professional updates, personal insight, and a consistent love letter to his wife?  Need more proof, look below:

Just these four posts alone, she’s referred to as his queen, wife, Claire bear, and best friend.  I’ve been married to my wife for 9 years and I’m not this nice to her, ESPECIALLY not in public.  Cool stuff to see.

A surprise wedding

George Kittle’s wife officially took that title in April, 2019.  As George pointed out, it was certainly a bit of a surprise.  Especially when you consider that for a period of time, there was a publicly visible wedding registry to Anthropologie with a May, 2020 wedding date.  Some dudes just can’t wait for it.  George previously proposed to Claire in August of 2018.
George and Claire met while at Iowa together.  He was taking over the gridiron, but Claire was a star in her own right.  George Kittle’s wife was a basketball player for the Lady Hawkeyes.  She graduated in 2016 with a degree in Human Physiology.  Now, let’s be clear.  As much as George loves Claire, she’s just as involved in her public admiration for her husband.  Her Insta is the same flow of love and couple posed pictures.
The 49ers are an easy to root for team in 2020, and this couple is an easy to root for couple.  We hope they keep kicking ass and dominating the professional athlete relationship game!

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